VegOut - March 19, 2021

13 Store-Bought Vegan Mac and Cheese Brands to Stock up on


Who doesn’t love a warm bowl of creamy vegan mac ‘n’ cheese goodness?! Sure you can make it from scratch, but there is something so convenient and nostalgic about store-bought mac. Lucky for vegans nationwide, there are tons of easy-to-prepare cheesy staples for the adventurous foodie and macaroni purist alike. No matter which camp you’re in, here’s our list of 13 vegan mac ‘n’ cheese brands you need in your kitchen now.

Eat Howl

We’re getting major comfort food vibes with this chef-driven mac. The combo of classic semolina pasta and cashew-based creamy sauce really makes the dish. Love a little heat? The brand offers a Deluxe Spicy Chipotle Mac & Chef (made with real chipotle peppers), too. Find Eat Howl at Whole Foods and on!

Eat Howl

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